Everything started with an idea. We wanted to transform everyday environments into places people love spending their time. With just 2 employees and a small 2000 sqt location, we embarked our mission.


Eager to bring our innovative solutions to a wider audience, we expanded into the US market in 2005. We started with our first partner in New York, and word quickly spread about our quality products. MKO became the number one furniture supplier for our partners.


The demand grew and we made our entry into different markets such as healthcare, corporate offices and school boards across North America. Recognizing the unique needs of these industries, we worked closely with designers to create modern designs that catered specifically to their needs.


MKO invested a lot of capital to enhance it’s infrastructure and manufacturing equipment


We introduced our chair collection to the market.


With a focus on growth and innovation, we opened a second location in 2018. This expansion allowed us to embrace new technologies and accelerate our progress, ensuring that we stay ahead in a dynamic market.


We dedicated a production line exclusively for healthcare furniture. Focusing on the medical industry, we designed and manufactured furniture tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare settings, playing a part in enhancing patient experiences and supporting healthcare professionals.


In 2023, MKO opened it’s third and biggest location. Covering 500 000 sqft, this expansion signifies our dedication to continuously supply all of North America with our highest quality products.

Our journey has just begin!



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